Rolex Yachtmaster

One of the most recent models introduced by Rolex to the market, the Rolex Yacht-Master was first introduced in 1992. Available exclusively in 18K yellow gold, the wristwatch immediately gained prestige with its noticeable features and high quality materials. In 1994, two new models of the Yacht-Master were introduced – ladies (29 x 10.5 mm) and mid-size (34 x 12.5 mm) versions of the sport watch, also available only in 18K yellow gold.

Two-Toned Versions

In 1996, new options became available with regards to the Yacht-Master models when two-toned versions of the ladies and mid-size versions of the wristwatch were introduced by Rolex. Available in steel and 18K yellow gold, this new two-toned version of the Yacht-Master was widely popular and helped the model gain recognition.

A year later, in 1997, the Yacht-Master was released in Rolesium – in stainless steel with a platinum finish – a term patented by Rolex in 1932. This version triggered the market demand for the Yacht-Master, for its slick configuration and timeless features.

Rolex Maxi Dial

The Yacht-Master features the Rolex Maxi Dial, which allows for larger markers and thicker hands compared to other Oyster Professional watch dials, such as the Rolex Submariner. Furthermore, the Yacht-Master offers the best low-light visibility compared to other Rolex wristwatches – a great feature fit for both everyday wear and for those special adventurous occasions.

Because of its simple elegance, the public demand for the Yacht-master is growing greatly each year, surpassing the market supply by an increasing margin. Marketed by Rolex as ‘sporty elegance,’ the Yacht-master is also popular among the young professionals today for its attractive design and functional reliability.