Rolex GMT Master II

The GMT Master II was first launched in 1983.  Serving similar purposes as the GMT Master I but with improved functionality, the GMT Master II is still in production and among high demands today.Multiple Timezones

The GMT Master II has been widely acknowledged for its ability to display and adjust to multiple timezones while maintaining the same precision on the minutes and seconds hand. The timepiece features a 24-hour hand and an adjustable 12-hour hand — the 12 hour hand can be changed while the rest of the watch continues functioning, thus guaranteeing the highest precision possible. The two hour hands allow the user to view two timezones simultaneously.

One of the biggest upgrades that the GMT Master II offers is a third timezone, available through the 24-hour bezel.  The bezel features only 24 possible positions in its rotation and moves cleanly through each interval, allowing for absolute precision in the third timezone.

Parachrom Hairspring

The GMT Master II includes the same Parachrom Hairspring that is found in the Milgauss and Daytona, further protecting the wristwatch from possible damage. The spring is unaffected by magnetic fields and is up to ten times more resistant to shocks compared to a conventional spring. This protects the accuracy of the wristwatch in the most extreme conditions, whether it be a pilot flying a high-speed jet in adverse weather conditions, a professional racer or a scientist working in highly magnetic laboratories.

The Ceramic Bezel

The GMT Master II features the classic Rolex ceramic bezel that allows for the highest resistance to wear and tear. The color remains unaffected by ultraviolet rays and is virtually scratch-proof. The bezel is available in blue or black Cerachrom insert, with the numerals and graduations available in yellow gold or platinum.

Although the GMT Master series were originally designed for professional usage in the air, they have become widely popular with travelers of all types, including airport staff, sailors and businessmen.  Many consider the timepiece as a great functional watch for the working professional.  The second and third timezones are often utilized by military personnel and individuals working abroad to help with jetlag and in communication with home.