Cellini Rolex

Cellini Rolex watches have a high accuracy quarts movement and a unique charm that has helped define Rolex as a luxury brand. There are seven models of Cellini watches: Cellini Quartz, Cellini Cellinium, Cellini Cellissima, Cellini Danaos, Cellini Prince, Cellini Cestello, and Cellini Orchid.

Cellini watches are classic and simple. They don’t offer date display and rotatable bezels, are not water resistant, and must be hand-wound. Unlike men’s Cellini Rolex watches, Ladies Cellini do come powered by Quartz movements. All Cellini Rolex watches come with a polished platinum case and leather straps in neutral colors.

Men’s Cellini Quarts Rolex comes in white gold with blue or white dial, Roman numerals, and a red or a blue leather strap with white gold folding clasp.

Ladies Cellini Quartz Rolex is the only quartz model, comes in 18-carat yellow gold, and features Arabic numerals, champagne dial, and “Damier” instead of leather straps.
Cellini Cellinium Rolex has a small second hand at six o’clock, black leather straps and polished bezel. The dial comes in black, blue, or white mother-of-pearl.

Cellini Cellisima Rolex comes in white gold and has many options for dials, bracelets, and bezels. It often has diamonds on bezel, case and end pieces. . The case comes in two shapes: round and tonneau. Ladies Rolex Cellini Cellissima have the option of white or pink dial with Roman numerals.  The leather straps with a gold folding clasp come in red, green, and blue.

Men’s Cellini Danaos Rolex comes in 18-carat white gold with the option of black or silver dial with Arabic numerals. It also comes in black leather strap with gold folding clasp.
Ladies Cellini Danaos Rolex comes in the quartz movement and in pink and white gold round case. It has a black dial in Arabic numerals and a brown leather strap.

Cellini Prince Rolex has a transparent, rectangular case back so that you can see the movement mechanism of the watch.  It comes in 18-carat yellow, white, or everose gold. Cellini Prince watches have a second, smaller dial for the seconds hand at 6 o’clock. Dials come in wide variety of options with black or brown leather straps with gold folding clasp.

Cellini Cestello Rolex comes in a round case of 18-carat yellow, white, or pink gold with brown leather straps and many dial options to choose from.

Cellini Orchid is a ladies Rolex watch considerably different from the rest of the line as it’s fitted with quartz movement and diamonds in its dial, bezel, and bracelet. If all those diamonds are too much for your taste, Cellini Orchid also has the option of a leather strap. Cellini Orchid case comes in 18-carat yellow or white gold and the dial comes in mother-of-pearl.